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RealTick provides traders with comprehensive, easy, single platform access to a world of market liquidity - across multiple asset classes.

·         RealTick’s global broker network enables traders to access a universe of global, regional and asset specific broker dealers with their latest algorithms, direct to market, worked/care orders, and program trading services available in a single click

·         Traders can efficiently reach multiple brokers, smart order routers, exchanges, ATS/ECNs/MTFs and dark pools to help achieve better trade performance and best execution objectives  

Institutional Clients
RealTick offers an extensive network of institutional broker dealers to help you achieve your best execution needs across multiple brokers – all through a single RealTick platform.  Click here for a list of licensed RealTick distributing brokers servicing institutional traders.

Individual Clients
RealTick allows you to choose your broker based on your own individual criteria. Please click here for a list of licensed RealTick distributing brokers servicing individual traders and investors.

RealTick does not support or recommend any of the specific RealTick providers listed on these pages and is offering these links for your convenience and information only. The trading services which users may access through the links on this page are services of these broker dealers or branch offices and not RealTick. The broker dealer or branch office you select is solely responsible for its services to you and RealTick shall not be liable for any damages or costs of any type arising out of or in connection with your use of any broker dealer or branch office listed


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